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Creative Overlays for Photoshop



[28] Light Leak Overlays
[18] Moon + Star Overlays
[20] Curtain Overlays
[12] Fog Overlays
Photoshop Actions
Install + Instructions
30 minute video on how to install and apply the Overlays.

Sometimes our photos are missing a little something and this pack might just be that! Whether you need some added lens flares, light leaks, a touch of fog or a little moon to amp up your evening/nighttime photos, this pack might just be for you. One thing that I've shown in many of my editing videos is how I sometimes add some 'fake curtains' in the foreground of my photos to add some depth and dimension (I am always shooting through things) and while they're often captured in camera, it's nice to have the option to add it in post [see the sample photos to see what I'm talking about!].

You will need Adobe Photoshop to use these overlays. Most older versions will work, and of course the updated versions and Adobe Creative Cloud. Do not purchase this product unless you have the right editing software.

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