Myrtle & Moss

Couples Photography Bundle

-Myrtle and Moss Sessions Vol. 1 - Sunset Couples Session
-Digital Posing Cards for couples
-DIrection: Posing Workshop [replay of live workshop]
Descriptions of each product:

Myrtle and Moss Sessions Vol. 1 - Sunset Couples Session:

Come with me while I walk you through an entire couples session at sunset. I pose, direct, and interact with my couple like I would at any other session.
If you're a visual learner and you like to see how other people work, then this is for you. It was shot "fly on the wall" style where you can just sit back and watch as if you were right there with me. On top of all the behind the scenes, I also show you all of my raw files that I'm capturing throughout the session. After the behind the scenes section I go through and cull the images down and edit my favourites in Lightroom and Photoshop.
Workshop length: 2hrs 58mins
Subtitles: YES
-FULL Behind the Scenes Video Footage (with audio and subtitles)
-"Fly on the wall" style teaching
-All raw images shown throughout the session
-Culling and Editing

Couples Posing Guide [digital posing cards]:

This pack includes 100 couples posing ideas that will provide you with a boost of inspiration and ideas for your upcoming sessions. Whether shooting an at home session, couples boudoir, or a wild adventure session, there is a wide variety of poses that can work for many different scenarios. While some of the cards may provide a prompt for you to try, others will explain what makes the pose effective in evoking emotion (tips to enhance the pose and/or things to watch out for).

It contains a variety of intimate, romantic and fun-loving ideas for you to try. Most of these poses can be used for your LGBTQ couples as well!

These cards are provided in a digital format which may either be saved to your phone or printed out. Once purchase is complete you will be able to download the files from your Myrtle and Moss Account here on our website.

Direction: Posing Workshop [Replay]:

This workshop was held live March 22 + 23rd, 2022 but here you are purchasing the REPLAY. In total, there are over 10 hours of content that you will have access to immediately upon purchase. Login to our user portal on our website and create a password using the email address you used to make the purchase. This is now your user name and password for our website and any future digital product purchases can be accessed under "MY FILES". Please note, since this workshop was held live, the coupon codes and giveaways are no longer valid. 

WHAT IS THIS WORKSHOP ABOUT? I dive into all of my secrets in working intimately with couples, how to become confident in directing and making my clients feel comfortable and at ease in front of my camera. Not only is it important to have them feel comfortable in front of your camera, but the entire client experience from first contact all the way through to maintaining your relationship beyond the shoot is so important to having a successful career.

 Along with building that connection and creating a comfortable space to create, I will go over tons of my favourite poses and directives, what I'm specifically looking for when guiding my clients as well as how to build/improve and take a simple pose to the next level. Over the course of the workshop I kept it real, raw and as always I was an "open book" type of educator. During the Editing portion I covered two additional bonus topics, GIF making and intro into videography (I edited a small feature film start to finish in Adobe Premiere Pro). 

-Creating comfort and trust 
-Building confidence 
-Incorporating Storytelling 
-Client relationships + experience 
-Emotive Posing
-My favourite directive posing + prompts for couples 
-Elements that bring your posing to the next level -Evoking Emotion 
-BONUS: Editing 
-LR Editing with presets and adjustment brushes 
-Photoshop Tricks 
-How to recover grainy/noisy photos 
-GIF Making 
-intro to VIDEO EDITING using Premiere Pro 
Workshop Length: 10+ hours

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