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Cinemagraph Workshop

GIFs are cool, but cinemagraphs are cooler! What is a cinemagraph? It uses the concept of a looping GIF but combines still imagery with selective parts having movement (video). It is an easy way to capture your audience and leave them feeling intrigued.

Learn the ins and outs of concept, shooting, colour grading and preparing footage to bring into Adobe Photoshop and create a cinemagraph. I have also included test footage ready to open into photoshop so that you can follow the exact steps right along side me until you have footage of your own.

The video file can be found on your Myrtle and Moss account under "my files" once the workshop is purchased.

Please note, cinemagraphs are created using video files instead of images and might be a bit of a learning curve for you. 



Educational video + test video footage for practicing

Total Length: 51 mins.


Adobe Photoshop

DSLR or Mirrorless with video capabilities


Adobe Lightroom Classic

Adobe Premiere Pro

LUTs (whether your own, others or my LUTs)

Basic video knowledge is beneficial however I do lightly cover shooting the video footage needed to create a cinemagraph, stabilization in Premiere as well as colour grading in Premiere Pro and in Lightroom. I help you with the basics in an approachable way where minimal experience or knowledge is needed.


0:14 - Intro

1:33 - Examples

7:58 - BTS / Setup (elements needed to make an effective cinemagraph)

10:15 - Colour Grading in Premiere Pro (applying luts, colour grading)

16:20 - Colour Grading in Lightroom (using photo presets to edit video)

19:30 - Stabilizing footage (using premiere pro)

25:13 - Creating a Cinemagraph in photoshop

34:33 - Exporting as a GIF and Video file

37:29 - Example #2 (start to finish example, including retouching still image)

45:58 - Example #3

49:54 - Wrap up


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