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Boudoir Digital Posing Guide

The Boudoir Posing Guide

When I work with my clients, I want to be confident and intentional with my directions, prompts and posing so that they are able to enjoy the moment and not stress about what to do.  A huge part of this is creating a safe space of trust, along with being intentional and meticulous with my posing, hand placement and overall body language.  I hope these posing cards not only provide inspiration but help elevate your work.

I have created these digital posing cards to help other photographers recognize what makes a pose strong, what to watch for, and how to direct their clients so they are able to replicate that same mood or feeling in their own images. They are meant to be like having a little Ang on your shoulder during your sessions. It’s always nice to have encouragement so I want to gently remind you that there is nothing I do that you cannot... I make these tools for YOU and I’m here to help!

This pack includes 266 boudoir + intimate portrait [solo, couples + maternity] posing ideas that will provide you with a boost of inspiration and ideas for your upcoming sessions. While some of the cards may provide a prompt for you to try, others will explain what makes the pose effective in evoking emotion (tips to enhance the pose and/or things to watch out for).

It contains a variety of intimate, romantic, spicy, and fun-loving ideas for you to try. Inclusive language is used, and these prompts and poses can be used on anyone (within their physical abilities). Over here we are body-posi and accepting of EVERYONE. Boudoir sessions are meant to empower and help someone love themselves and their body for who they perfectly are NOW. The term ‘intimacy’ can mean something different to everyone and sometimes that just means being raw and vulnerable in their own skin (clothed or not). *This posing guide contains no nudity however is NSFW and is only intended for those 18+.

I hope these digital posing cards give you a little bit of inspiration and a boost of confidence when you need it. I’m so grateful for your support so I can continue to offer helpful advice and resources to the photography community.

xo Ang + Myrtle and Moss Team


These cards are provided in a digital format which may either be saved to your phone or printed out. Once purchase is complete you will be able to download the files from your checkout page.

Download the zip file onto your computer then send them to your phone or any device you may want to access them. Some choose to just keep them their phone or be an A+ student and get them printed, laminated and put on a ring (as some have done in the past lol)

*As far as I’m aware, you cannot download zip files onto your phone, it must first be done through the computer.  


Head to our website and click “account” in the top right hand corner. If you’ve never logged in before, create a new account but MAKE SURE YOU USE THE SAME E-MAIL ADDRESS that you used to make the purchase with. Once logged in, click “my files” and voila, magically all of your digital products will show up there to download or stream (no need to send an email saying you need to re-download your stuff)!

Please note: Due to the digital nature of our products all sales are final. We recommend you read all included instructions before emailing for support.  There is no physical item included in this purchase. Please be respectful and do not share/trade/sell these presets.  Thanks to your support, we are able to continue creating new tools, products and education to help and contribute to the photography community.

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