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Retouch with Emotion - Photoshop Workshop [Unlimited Replay]

Retouching with Emotion: Photoshop Workshop

This workshop was held live May 4, 2022 but here you are purchasing the REPLAY. In total, there are approx. 5.5 hours of content that you will have access to immediately upon purchase. Login to our user portal on our website and create a password using the email address you used to make the purchase. This is now your user name and password for our website and any future digital product purchases can be accessed under "MY FILES".

Please note, since this workshop was held live, the coupon codes and giveaways may no longer be valid.


I made it extremely affordable so that you could all show up for yourselves and for me without any excuses! I believe that no matter where you are at in your career or in life, having affordable and attainable education is such a crucial part of growing together as a community. Together, let's make 2022 our year.

This workshop includes various photoshop techniques that I use to enhance my images and give the finishing touches that make my images stand out. I taught it in an approachable way that is not intimidating for those who have little Photoshop experience but is also suitable for those with more advanced knowledge in the program.

Please note, if you have very little photoshop experience, it is recommended to purchase the unlimited rewatch to get the most out of the workshop and be able to apply these new techniques when needed.

Some of the topics include:
- Skin Retouching
- Extending backgrounds
- Cleaning up images
- Making your own actions
- Useful keyboard shortcuts
- Head swapping
- Enhancing makeup
- Utilizing liquify for emotion enhancements
- Hair fixes and fly-aways
- GIF Making
- Batch Editing
- And much more!

Please note: I will be editing using the most updated version of Photoshop CC, it is recommended to have the newest version as well if you plan to follow along.

-Download the PDF Cheat Sheet 


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0:30 - Intro
21:23 - My Workflow
32:28 - My Golden Rules for Photoshop
34:53 - Photoshop Basics, Setup + Shortcuts
45:57 - Dehaze in ACR
52:16 - Grain 2 ways + making actions
1:03:38 - B/W Batch Editing
1:14:45 - Transform: keeping lines straight
1:26:30 - Colour Changes
1:37:58 - Extending Backgrounds
1:48:00 - Advanced Editing
2:24:03 - Text and Graphics
2:30:40 - Advanced Editing
2:41:55 - Liquify: Body Modifications
2:49:32- Portrait Retouching
3:15:56 - Red Ear Fix
3:21:32 - Hair Retouching
3:25:44 - Enhancing Shoulders
3:28:51 - Clean Up: dust + scratches brush
3:38:31- Warm up in Photoshop
3:51:38- Liquify for Emotion
3:56:58 - Hair +Flyaways
4:07:44 - Dodge, Burn + Sponge Tool
4:19:15 Retouching: Liquify + Clone
4:25:36- Frequency Separation: evening out skin
4:41:47- Retouching Deep Skin Tones
4:46:39- Editing Glasses Glare
4:55:32 - Head Swaps (simple + complex)
5:11:36- GIF Making


*Please note: Since this was a live online recording and interactive with the audience/chat, amongst the planned and organized education in this workshop there is also a lot of fun conversations and stories to enjoy.

If you are looking for more structured content with less "fluff" and "fun", please check out my other online workshops and content available here on my website.

Workshop Length: 5.5+ hours


Please note: Due to the digital nature of this workshop, no refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. Please be respectful and do not share/trade/sell these digital products (including other workshops, presets, etc.). All creators who sell their digital products online have the ability to track IP Addresses and are notified when suspicious activity occurs. Please be respectful and support your fellow artists :)

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