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Join me March 2nd + 3rd for my first in person workshop of 2024. The focus will be on the intimacy and nuances of boudoir photography — together, we will be capturing a beautifully styled intimate couple, maternity and solo boudoir session. Along with direction and posing, I will cover the styling, details and storytelling elements of intimate portraiture / boudoir. 

Catered lunches included both days. 

Detailed Itinerary TBA for registered students. 

Who is this workshop for?

Photographers who want to dig a little deeper or expand into intimate portraiture/boudoir. Gain confidence with your posing and angles to celebrate your clients bodies while also improving your storytelling and flow of your session. Making your clients feel comfortable is a huge element to this genre of photography — respecting boundaries while creating a safe space for them to feel themselves is so important. Along with showing you how I create that trust with my clients, I will also help you build the tools and confidence to ensure you can make the best of each session and make your clients feel like an absolute babe that they are. 

This workshop is meant to light a fire under your butt, to show you my very approachable style of posing and directing and hope that it also gives YOU the confidence to take the images you have always dreamed of.

A good understanding of their camera (and manual mode) will be beneficial and recommended in order to get the most out of the workshop.

**Over here, we are absolutely 100% body positive/inclusive and are open arms for all of our LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC family. 

What is the Workshop about?

While the sessions will be beautifully styled with lots of intricate details, the focus will be on the connection, emotion, body language and story we can tell through our boudoir imagery.  The photographers will be able to learn Ang’s approach for storytelling and directing (with both hands on learning as well as moments to watch and learn as she poses, directs and explains what she’s doing).

Please note: We will be photographing both professional models as well as “regular clients” so that we can have the opportunity to work with people without experience as well as have the time and ability to work with someone who has the experience and feel comfortable for longer periods of time with a team of photographers around them. 

Emphasis on:

-Connection (through self-love, client to camera, belly connection[maternity] and between two people[couple]). 
-Light and movement
-Emotive imagery
-All of the vibes/themes we will hope to achieve during the two days together.
             -Quiet, soft romance
             -Bold, undeniable confidence 
             -Fire (likely not family-friendly or suitable for IG).
             -Casual, lifestyle, innocent, sweet (photos your clients would be okay sharing with their family lol)

What is included? Give me all the deets: 

-Limited spots to allow for as much 1:1 time as I can, and an opportunity for the attendees to work on some direction and posing of their own.
-Private FB group to keep in touch and share our work, ask questions etc. 
-4 styled sessions over 2 days (approximately 18 hours together in total)
- Catered lunch both days
- Follow up in the private group 
-Ability to use images for your socials and portfolio (this being said it is important to ensure you make it clear that it was taken at my workshop — realistic expectations for your future clients is very important when it comes to images taken at *any* workshop)

What is not included:

-Dinners (but we will all be together and can choose to still hang out if you’re not sick of me or each other ◡̈ )
-Transportation, parking + accommodation will all be up to the attendees to organize (it’s common that my attendees group up and carpool — usually you’ll make some besties by the end of this workshop!)

What gear should I bring?:

-I always recommend bringing 2 camera bodies (if you have it)
-lots of memory cards/storage (and also make sure to use that second card slot for backup if your camera has that ability)
-Spare batteries and battery charger (in case no one has the same brand you shoot on, nothing worse than a dead battery).
-Lenses: this is a personal preference, but I love all three lenses for boudoir:
               -35mm f1.4 = great for up close details, capturing more of the scene/story, great for couples photograph.
               -50mm f1.2 / 1.4 = a perfect and classic portrait lens for boudoir and portraiture.
               -85mm f1.2 (or any 85) is my favourite for bokeh, depth/compression and overall mood (however if you have an 85, make sure you also bring a wider angle lens as an 85 can be tricky with workshops as you need a lot more space and distance to use it). 
-Non-photography items: water bottle (drinks will also be available), although lunches will be provided make sure to bring some snacks if you get ‘hangry’ often—it’s best to have some emergency energy as it will be 2 very full days)

$2400 CAD + GST  or 3 Payments of $850 CAD + tax

Please note: if you choose the installments you will be charged $850 (+tax) initially as a deposit and will receive a follow-up email about future payments.

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