Myrtle & Moss

Myrtle & Moss Sessions - Sunset Couples (Behind the Scenes)


Myrtle & Moss Sessions: Volume 1 - Sunset Couples Session

I'm so excited to release my very first in this series!
Come with me while I walk you through an entire couples session at sunset. I pose, direct, and interact with my couple like I would at any other session.
If you're a visual learner and you like to see how other people work, then this is for you. It was shot "fly on the wall" style where you can just sit back and watch as if you were right there with me. On top of all the behind the scenes, I also show you all of my raw files that I'm capturing throughout the session. After the behind the scenes section I go through and cull the images down and edit my favourites in Lightroom and Photoshop. 

Workshop length: 2hrs 58mins
Subtitles: YES

-FULL Behind the Scenes Video Footage (with audio and subtitles)
-"Fly on the wall" style teaching 
-All raw images shown throughout the session 
-Culling and Editing 

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