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Intimate Connection + Posing


I am so excited to announce our much anticipated Intimate Connection + Posing Online Workshop!  I can't wait for you to sit down, grab your favourite drink, put your feet up and get Inspired!

The Experience

It is so important to not only create trust with your clients, but provide a comfortable space for genuine connection and authentic personality to shine through.  In this workshop, I first help you build the foundations of creating a strong connection with your couples and teach you the best practices to ensure you will be successful in conveying connection throughout your images. 

Following the introduction, I begin to dive deep into posing and directing through three full behind the scenes videos.  These videos include all the real-time audio to show how I work and interact with my couples.  For further reinforcement and education, I provide voiceover when necessary.  My goal is to make you feel like you're really there: with all my heavy breathing and inappropriate comments included.

In-home Baking Session [BTS] - I am so excited to walk you through this super fun, playful and intimate session with M + C. Starting off in the kitchen, I walk you through my whole process of storytelling while they cook up breakfast. I want to keep some of it a surprise, but one thing leads to another, clothing comes off, we're up on the counter, down on the floor and end up in the clawfoot tub. Definitely one of my favourite sessions to-date and I'm so excited it happened to be for the recording of this workshop!

Styled Wedding + Sunset Portraits [BTS] - I got together with some of Vancouver Island's most talented artists in the wedding industry and put together a beautiful styled wedding for you guys to enjoy. I walk you through some of my favourite and fail-proof poses for wedding couples as well as tips and tricks to planning your own styled wedding, how to compose and photograph all the little details, and end the session with some beautiful sunset portraits. 

Intimate Maternity Session [BTS] - Join me as we document the expecting couple, J+P, in a cute tiny home air BnB . I slow it down and capture the quiet and intimate time before they become a family of three, but also bring in some fun with eating popcorn, cute bathroom snuggles while brushing their teeth, and end it with chilly [but beautiful] sunset portraits on a mountaintop. 

BONUS CLASS | Editing - Because we all know that the work isn't done when we jump in our car and head home from a shoot. Editing is such an important part of translating that authentic emotion through to our final images. I picked my favourite images from each of the three sessions and walk you through my whole process start to finish including: workflow, Lightroom + Photoshop Retouching. 

The Outcome

There is SO much more that goes into taking emotional and captivating images than being able to pose your couples and know good lighting. There is a ton of work that has to happen before you even pick up your camera and I want to help you with all of that. The foundations. I want to pump you up, inspire you, give you confidence, get you out of your comfort zone and get photographing your couples more intimately.

As a photographer, we carry the vibe of the session. I want to be the little birdie on your shoulder during your sessions that is screaming in your ear "YOU GOT THIS, BABE".

But for real. I can relate to you, because I've been there. As always, I teach from the heart and from my past experiences -- failures included. I want you to learn from all of my mistakes so you don't have to, and together we can get you were you want to go a hella lot faster than the long road I took.


Quick FAQ

Who is this workshop meant for? This was created for photographers of all skill levels, basically anyone who wants to dig a little deeper in creating more emotion filled images and working more intimately with their couples.

I don't shoot weddings, will this still be of value to me? Even if you don't shoot weddings, the styled wedding section is still based on the foundation of working with couples and will definitely still come in handy for your non-wedding clients.

I'm a family photographer, will this help? If you are a family photographer and want to work on your parent connection or enhance your storytelling, you will have a lot of takeaways from this.

Does your behind the scenes videos include you talking or is it just voiceover? These videos include all the nitty gritty (and relatively embarrassing at times lol) audio showing how I work and interact with my couples! I also have a bit of voiceover to further support some of my teaching.

Please note: Due to the digital nature of our products all sales are final. We recommend you  read all included instructions before emailing for support.  Please be respectful and do not share/trade/sell these presets.  Thanks to your support, we are able to continue creating new tools, products and education to help and contribute to the photography community.

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