Myrtle & Moss

Build a Business That Works For You


Total Length: 7hrs 12mins

You will be able to watch and stream this online workshop at any pace you wish. 

I will teach you how I went from a burnt-out mom working full-time as a registered nurse while juggling a mediocre photography business with no idea how to run it; to creating a business that allowed both myself and my husband to quit our careers, make our own schedules, and maximize the time spent doing what we love.  All while making more money than both of our old jobs combined.

Whether you are just starting out, in the midst of growing your business, preparing to rebrand, or wanting to reach that next level: this course will give you the tools, ideas, and perspective to help get you to where you want to be.

Chapter 1: Building a Sustainable Business
-Your Why
-Your ideal client
-Setting Realistic Goals
-Starting out
-Making the jump to full-time
-Compare Game
-Art of Saying No
-Maintaining client relationships beyond the session

Chapter 2: Business Foundations
-Treating yourself as a business
-Time Management
-Determining like/dislikes + Strengths/Weaknesses
- Outsourcing (editing, associates + admin)
-Backup System
-Handling Tough Situations

Chapter 3: Client Experience
-First Impressions
-Effective Communication
-Setting Expectations + Boundaries
-Client Preparation
-Lasting Impressions

Chapter 4: Pricing + Packages
-Money mentality
-Confidence in pricing
-Knowing self-worth
-Cost of doing business (CODB)
-Quality over quantity
-Mini Sessions Dos and Don'ts
-In-person Sales (IPS)
-Discounts vs. value-add
-Adds ons for increasing sales
-Pricelists dos and don'ts
-Travel Pricing
-Making $ during slow season

Chapter 5: Curating Your Work
-Culling + Proofing
-Raw vs. soft proofing
-Sneak Peeks + Delivery
-Creating an experience for your clients

Chapter 6: Social Media + Websites
-Curating your Portfolio

Chapter 7: Staying Inspired
- Styled Shoots
- Styling regular sessions
- Model Calls
-Challenge Yourself

Chapter 8: Conclusion
- What I've learned
- Takeaways

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