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Align + Connect - 3 Day Workshop LIVE [Replay}

This workshop was held live Feb 16-18th, 2022 but here you are purchasing the recording. In total, there are over 13 hours of content  that you will have access to immediately upon purchase. Please note, since this workshop was held live, the giveaways and coupon codes are no longer valid. 

I made it extremely affordable so that you could all show up for yourselves and for me without any excuses! I believe that no matter where you are at in your career or in life, having affordable and attainable education is such a crucial part of growing together as a community. Together, let's make 2022 our year.

Over the course of the three days I kept it real, raw and as always I was an "open book" type of educator. Some of the topics I covered was:

- How to build your business off the foundations of your "why"
- How to attract and align with your dream clients
- Saying know and valuing yourself and your time
- How to get out of a competitive mindset in this industry
- Money blocks, increasing pricing, how to thrive vs. survive 
- Sisterhood and community over competition
- My secrets to confidence, sustainability + longevity in your photography career
- Tools to help prevent burnout (that are actually tried, tested and realistic)
- How to capture the hearts of your clients and your audience through authentic connection
- Transitioning from another career to full time photography
- Directive posing for genuine moments 
- Composition + lighting
- Some of my favourite photoshop tricks
- Editing for emotion

Workshop Length: Approximately 13 hours (broken down into Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3)

Please note: Since this was a live online recording and interactive with the audience/chat, amongst the planned and organized education in this workshop there is also a lot of fun conversations and stories to enjoy.

If you are looking for more structured content with less "fluff" and "fun", please check out my other online workshops and content available here on my website.

If you would like to be a part of my FREE online education / community called "Stay Inspired with Ang McCabe", please request to join here:

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Please note: Due to the digital nature of this workshop, no refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. Please be respectful and do not share/trade/sell these digital products (including other workshops, presets, etc.). All creators who sell their digital products online have the ability to track IP Addresses and are notified when suspicious activity occurs. Please be respectful and support your fellow artists :)

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