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The Boudoir Contract

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The Boudoir Photography Contract

Thank you for your purchase and support. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to continue offering easily accessible and valuable education for the photography industry. Plus, being a small business owner (just like you) it is how I am able to support my family... so once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have no greater honour than INSPIRING and helping other creatives grow their businesses and master their craft to create not only a thriving photography business, but also have a fulfilling and balanced life.

Having been in the industry for nearly two decades (don’t do the math lol), I have grown to learn the importance of a sound contract -- particularly one that is not only thorough but is easily understood by both parties.

Our boudoir clients give us their trust and we must honour and protect it in any way we can. With the raw & vulnerable space we are sharing with them, along with the sensitive nature of the material/images we are capturing, it is imperative that we cover all of our bases to not only protect our clients, but ourselves as well.

I am so excited to share this contract with you! It has been created, adapted, changed, and lawyer-reviewed over the years based on my own experiences, world events and the ever-changing needs of my business. Along with my own revisions, I have included new clauses and terms based on information and discoveries from other photographers and their own personal experiences/stories to ensure loopholes are corrected and verbiage remains legally sound.

I hope this thorough (and hefty I might add!) contract allows you to save some time, breathe more easily and feel confident in your business regarding the boring legal stuff! Thanks for being in my world, I’m so happy you’re in mine!

xo Ang + Myrtle and Moss Team


Clauses / Sections Included:

-Customizable Front cover
-Client Requirements and Instructions for Booking
-Client + Session Details
-Terms and Conditions of Agreement
-Booking + Retainer Fees
-Reservations, Payments + Pricing
-Entire Contract + Severability
-Creative License + Artistic Rights
-Force Majeure
-Liability + Safety
-Legal Age Requirements
-Minor Clause + Terms
-Model Release
-Sensitive Material Terms
-Personal + Online Use of Images
-Printing Rights + Release
-Image Format + File Storage
-Location Limitations + Permits
-Travel Expenses
-Late Policy
-Cancellation Policy
-Printed Products + Physical Goods
-Guarantee of Physical Goods
-Delivery, Shipping + Handling
-Complimentary Services + Conditions
-Schedule + Timeline + Flow Charts for:
       -Photographer-Chosen Digital Images (no proofing), Business Models with proofing galleries and In-Person Sales business models
-Closing Terms + Signature Captures

This is my own personal boudoir contract that has been reviewed multiple times over the years by lawyers specializing in media and arts. It is inclusive for my own needs but please keep in mind that you may need to adapt, change, add or remove terms and clauses for your own personal use. If you make any changes, I highly recommend you have it reviewed by your own lawyer or attorney to ensure it is deemed legally sound. Nothing contained herein is considered to be legal advice or recommendation. Clauses and terms will not be regarded as legally sound due to the variance of laws and regulations in different countries, states, provinces and regions. The applicability of this contract will vary according to your location of business as well as the type of photography services and packages you offer your clients.

PLEASE NOTE: Ang McCabe from Myrtle and Moss Photography assumes no responsibility for any legal issues that might arise from full or partial use of this contract.

Once purchase is complete you will be able to download the files from your checkout page.
This contract is provided in PDF format and allows for highlighting/selection + coping text. You may copy and paste the desired clauses and terms into your own Canva template, PDF or document. If you use Jotform, Docusign, Google Forms or any other program that may be used for sending contracts, copy and paste sections of this contract into the appropriate fields.


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Please note: Due to the digital nature of our products all sales are final. We recommend you read all included instructions before emailing for support.  There is no physical item included in this purchase. Please be respectful and do not share/trade/sell these presets.  Thanks to your support, we are able to continue creating new tools, products and education to help and contribute to the photography community.

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