Announcing: EVOKE Preset + Essentials Pack

The Evoke Preset + Essentials Pack

I love nothing more than sharing all of my tips, tricks, and tools with you in hopes that it'll streamline your workflow too! This editing essentials pack includes everything I use to color-grade my images and more.  The foundation of this pack is Evoke, a very versatile Lightroom preset that can be adapted and changed using the accompanying toolkit.  It is inspired by rich autumn colours and prioritizes skin tones while keeping those brilliant whites.  On top of this, Blues will no longer be a problem and forest greens will stay nice and rich. You can use the included adjustment brushes to tweak any local details you need, then finish them off in Photoshop using the included skin retouching toolkit actions!

What Is Included

  • [1] Evoke Base Preset for Adobe Lightroom (XMP + LR Template files included)
  • [7] LR Toolkit Presets
  • [12] LR Adjustment Brushes
  • [15] Photoshop Actions (Skin Retouching + B/W)


I've attached a few examples for you to check out and slide. I hope you're as happy with the outcome as I am!





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Bonus Editing Video

If you have the time and are interested, here is a video of me editing with the new EVOKE Preset Pack.